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Classic Wooden Stool Classic Wooden Stool
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Woven Cane Stool Woven Cane Stool
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Hammered Metal Stool Hammered Metal Stool
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Hammered Drum Stool Hammered Drum Stool
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Accent Furniture

There are so many options and styles to look for that it's best you plan a theme before you buy your accent furniture. Your dining area is the area where most people enjoy being in during the holidays, therefore start there. Make it "home for the holidays." It's the ideal theme. It can help tremendously. When planning your additions for accent furniture, see which rooms in your home needs a little more style in it. Since there are various rooms in your house (or apartment), you may only need this type of furniture in the main bedroom or living room. For example, buy a gold trimmed-edged table or a custom hardwood top for your kitchen. It's all part of decorating your home to look it's best. Concentrate on your home décor before the holidays really kick in. You won't have time to do it during all the "hustle-and-bustle." These are the main rooms to concentrate on and focus on before the holidays really begin.

Kitchen and Dining * People spend most of their time in the kitchen and dining area during the holidays. Therefore this is the place where you want to have accent furniture teetering near your table and cabinetry. Plain, designed, or both, you can have colors and textured patterns on your table-cloths too. Shopping for various accessories for the kitchen and dining area can help you with a major holiday revamp. Focus in on the lighting. Add some modern flare of inspiration from a theme such as the Mediterranean or Tuscan regions. Sparkle up your dining area with a beautiful chandelier. The focal point above your dining room table will bring in more light to the dining area.

Living room accents

The living room is the next area that should have a nice holiday feel to it. Adding a beautiful window treatment with cornices or valances can result in the delightful style of a gorgeous living room's look. Start with solid and warm looking colors for your window curtains or drapes. Add some dark-cherry colored blinds or shades can result in some deep-rich comfort. In other words, when shopping for window accents and treatments this time of year, use deep rich colors to off-set it from the furniture color you have in the living room. With various deep tones and designs, holiday décor will not clash with it. Set the overall mood to

Bedroom accents

Finally, accent furniture for the bedrooms and guest rooms is an investment. Having the rooms full of plush pillows, throws, and comforters will make it more comforting for the cooler months ahead. There's many to choose from when shopping for these bedroom accents, but when you finally select them, you'll see a major difference in your bedroom. Your home décor project wouldn't be complete without a nice looking vanity mirror that any woman would love to have for their bedroom.